What is the Juris Doctor program?


What is the Juris Doctor program?



 Macquarie offers a Juris Doctor (JD), a postgraduate qualification in law which typically qualifies students to seek admission to practice Law in Australia (subject to the completion of formal practical legal training requirements). 

Macquarie's JD will continue the Law School's tradition of providing interdisciplinary perspectives on the study of law to ensure graduates not only know what the law is, but why it has evolved the way it has and where it might or should develop in the future.  We also recognize the importance of understanding law in a globalized world and ensure all graduates have studied international law. Macquarie Law School has embraced the University's Participation and Community Engagement program, requiring every student to undertake experiential or work-integrated learning prior to graduation to ensure they are workplace ready. For more information about the program please see the following web page: