Where can I get my exam results?


Where can I get my exam results?


Results are normally issued two weeks after the end of the teaching session. You can find full details of exam result release dates on the Important Dates calendar.

Most results are sent to student email accounts as soon as they become available. You should check your email account for your results on the date of release, between 12noon and 4pm. Do not worry if they are not there immediately; they are processed in batches to reduce the load on the servers. All available results are sent by email before they are available online.  If you do not receive your results by email, you can log into eStudent on the release date and check your results online after 6pm.

If you are having problems accessing eStudent (eg password/browser/technical issues), please contact Student IT HELP:

    •    Phone: 9850 4357 Option 1 (OUTSIDE Sydney: 1800 063 191)
    •    Email: help@mq.edu.au
    •    Web:  IT Help Desk

You may also submit an online enquiry if you need assistance.