How do I pay for casual parking on campus?


How do I pay for casual parking on campus?


Casual parking permits (Pay and Display) are available to students, staff and members of the public. These are available from ticket dispensing machines (which accept both gold coins and credit cards) located at the following locations:

    • Kerbside Aquatic Centre - 1 hour parking only
    • N1 Carpark - 1 hour parking only
    • N3 Carpark (near Culloden Road)
    • W4 Carpark (south of building W6A)
    • X3 Carpark (south of building X5A)
    • X4 Carpark (south of Banksia Cottage)

Pay and display ticket holders may only park in these carparks and a valid ticket must be displayed on the dashboard. There is a change machine outside the Security Office, Building C1A, on Macquarie Drive. Note that only particular carparks are designated for casual parking. Check out the parking page for more information and location maps.

Please note: Parking permits are required and regulations are enforced 7 days a week all year round from 6:00am to midnight.