What is a Grade Appeal?


What is a Grade Appeal?


The final grade a student is awarded at Macquarie University is a reflection of individual academic performance against the stated aims and objectives of a unit of study. The Grade Appeal process is designed to help resolve grading issues and deal with any procedural unfairness that impacts your final grade. A formal Grade Appeal must be supported by evidence.

Grounds for a Grade Appeal are limited to the reasons below:

    •    the Unit Convenor did not provide the Unit Guide as required

    •    the assessment requirements as specified in the Unit Guide were varied in an unreasonable way

    •    feedback was not provided as specified by the Unit Convenor or as detailed in the Unit Guide

    •    due regard was not paid to the evidence of illness or misadventure that you submitted (by the specified date)

    •    you have been disadvantaged in some way due to the conduct of an assessment task

    •    the assessor’s judgement was not objective because of prejudice against you.

You can click here to read the Grade Appeals Policy; or you may wish to submit an online enquiry for further information.

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