How do I submit a special approval (waiver) form?


How do I submit a special approval (waiver) form?


The term "special approvals" may refer to Waivers, Dean of Faculty Approvals and Third Time Permissions.


To submit a Special Approval (waiver) request, you will need to:

  1. Log in at
  2. Click 'Special Approval (waiver)' from the 'My Stuff' menu on the left
  3. Fill in the required fields as prompted. Once you have completed filling out the information, please click on 'Submit'.

To attach a supporting document, click "Add a reply" and then "Browse" to add the document. You will receive an automated receipt email after submission to your Macquarie University student email account. Note, waivers need to be submitted per unit i.e. separate online applications.

You can submit an online enquiry if you require further assistance.