Do PACE International activities have relevance to my degree and career path? What areas of study are relevant?


Do PACE International activities have relevance to my degree and career path? What areas of study are relevant?


Macquarie’s unique PACE program (Professional and Community Engagement) gives you valuable practical experience while you are still a student, developing vital life and work skills to help you move beyond university and into employment. PACE provides opportunities for you to engage in real-world activities with organisations that bring together fresh ideas, skills, expertise and collaboration with mutually beneficial outcomes that contribute solutions to global problems. 


PACE International activities offer you the opportunity to develop core graduate capabilities that are applicable across every degree and career path, such as communication skills, teamwork, cross cultural understanding and sensitivity, leadership and more. No matter which way you participate in PACE International, you will be contributing to your degree and your career beyond Macquarie. 


PACE International activities can also be used for credit within a number of academic units with key learning outcomes linked directly to your course content and skills. Previous academic activities have been in areas such as law, environmental science, early childhood education, marketing, health and psychology.


The range of options for PACE International experiences is also diverse, from discipline-specific to more general learning activities, from short term to longer-term activities and from activities in some of the world’s biggest cities to more remote locations in small developing countries. 


By undertaking a PACE International activity you will learn to:

  • work with others and develop effective communication skills
  • understand elements of professional and personal judgment and initiative such as juggling competing priorities and recognising your own strengths and weaknesses
  • engage with what it is like to be part of a work place and all it encompasses


Certain activity and unit content also helps you become a more engaged and ethical local and global citizen – you will experience first-hand what it’s like to be part of a community with cultural norms different to your own. You will be exposed to some of the key social, business and ethical challenges in today's world and will see how leading organisations and business are tackling them.