How do I become a registered psychologist?


How do I become a registered psychologist?


In order to gain registration as a Psychologist, you need to:

1.  have completed the 4th-year in the sequence of study in psychology approved by the NSW Psychologists Registration Board, and

2.  meet the Board's registration requirements (two years of supervised training and experience) while holding Provisional Registration.

For applicants who have an approved 4 year psychology degree, the Department of Psychology offers a range of options to meet registration requirements:

    •    Doctor of Psychology—a 3-year full-time professional doctorate accredited by Australian Psychological Society

    •    5th/6th year Masters degree—a 2 year full-time professional degree accredited by Australian Psychological Accreditation Council (APAC

    •    Psychology Registration Programs (Applied Psychology)—Postgraduate Certificate (4 units) and Postgraduate Diploma (8 units) programs—designed specifically to meet Provisional Registration requirements. The programs can be undertaken full-time or part-time and can supplement the intern's concurrent psychology work or provide the psychology work placements (Applied Psychology) required by the Registration Board.

    •    Statements of Attainment Non-award or professional development enrolment in selected units or in individual workshops that cover one or more of the Registration Board's Certificates.

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