Where can I get legal assistance?


Where can I get legal assistance?


Macquarie University does not offer a legal advising service to students, however there are external resources students can access.

Local Students can access legal aid services provided by the government.

International Students may seek advice from community legal groups such as Redfern Legal Centre (Note: As of September 2015 Redfern Legal Centre announced their free legal advising service for International Students may not be conintuing. Students should contact Redfern Legal directly for information regarding the continuation of this service).

For non-legal matters, students may wish to speak to the Welfare Service which is located on campus.

The Welfare Service

Provides support, information, advocacy and referral on accessing legal advice for matters including:

  • traffic offences and motor vehicle accidents
  • employment rights
  • harassment/discrimination
  • domestic violence matters
  • assault charges/criminal charges
  • frauds and scams
  • consumer rights
  • family law matters
  • immigration matters

For further information, support or to make an appointment with a Welfare Officer please contact us.