What is an eCAF?


What is an eCAF?


An eCAF is an electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form that you complete online in eStudent. There are three main forms.

All Commonwealth supported students must submit this form before they can enrol in units. As a Commonwealth supported student, the Government subsidises the University for part of your fees. The remaining amount (the student contribution amount) is payable by you and appears as the fee in your accounts.

*If you are a permanent resident of Australia (non-humanitarian visa holder) or a New Zealand citizen (non eligible Special Category visa holder) you must pay these fees 100% upfront to the University.

*If you are an Australian citizen, eligible Special Category Visa (SCV) holder New Zealand citizen or permanent resident (humanitarian visa holder) you can either defer your fees to the Australian Taxation Office (by providing the University with a tax file number by the relevant census date) or pay your fees upfront to the University by the Payment Due Date.


If you are a Domestic fee-paying student you do not have to complete an eCAF if you are paying all your fees upfront. If you are an Australian citizen, eligible New Zealand citizen with a Special Category Visa (SCV) or permanent resident (humanitarian visa holder) you can lodge a FEE-HELP form which will defer your tuition fees to the Australian Taxation Office. This requires you to enter a Tax File Number on the FEE-HELP eCAF. This must be done by the relevant census date to take effect.


3. Student Amenities Fee (SA-HELP eCAF)

From 2012 the University required certain students to pay a Student Amenities Fee. This is in addition to your tuition fees. For further information on this payment and who is required to pay please click here

Australian citizens, eligible New Zealand citizens with a Special Category Visa (SCV) or permanent resident (humanitarian visa holders only) can submit a SA-HELP form which will defer these fees to the Australian Taxation Office.

In order for a form to provide coverage for a session of study it must be submitted on or before the census date for that session. You will need your TFN to lodge this form.  Once approved, all Student Amenities fees for subsequent study sessions will continue to be deferred for the current course.


Additional Information

Your offer notice for a new course will indicate if the course is Commonwealth Supported (a HECS-HELP eCaf must be completed) or domestic fee paying place (a FEE-HELP eCaf should be completed if you wish to take out a loan) for the tuition side of your fees for any units of study.


Please note that you can not defer your Student Amenities Fee to a HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP loan. You must have completed an approved separate SA-HELP eCAF by the relevant session census date.

For further information, you can submit an online enquiry.