How can I unblock a sanction?


How can I unblock a sanction?


There are two types of sanctions: Academic and Financial

You can find out if you currently have a sanction as follows:

  • Log in to eStudent  >  My Finances


contact Student Connect by submitting a request on AskMQ  ( or call  02 9850 6410.

Lifting the sanction will depend on the type of sanction you have received:

  • for academic sanctions: please contact the Department that placed the sanction to find out more. Examples of an Academic Sanction include being prevented from enrolling in a unit after failing it two times, and can often be resolved by submitting the appropriate waiver (under the 'Special Approvals (Waiver)' section) on
  • for financial sanctions: such as for non-payment of library fines or the Student Services Amenities Fee, these can be resolved via online payments section in eStudent  >  My Finances or by contacting the Cashier's office:
    • by phone: +61 2 9850 7229
    • in person: Lincoln Building C8A, Level 1
    • submit an online enquiry — your enquiry will be directed to the right person.


Please note that if you have a sanction on your account you will be unable to access your final results for a Session, and will be prevented from qualifying for your award if you are expecting to complete/qualify for your degree. Please clear any sanctions before the release of results to avoid any disappointment or confusion. 


You will find more information about unblocking and appeals on the Sanctions FAQs page.