I want to take a break from study


I want to take a break from study


Domestic Students

If you are a domestic student, there is no penalty or requirement for withdrawing from any or all of your units before the census date. However, if you withdraw after the census date financial and academic penalties will apply. If you do need to take a break from studies, you will need to withdraw from all units as soon as possible to avoid academic and financial penalty. You might also want to check out the procedure to resume your studies following your break.

If you have NO recorded results in your course at Macquarie University after having withdrawn from all your units before the relevant Census date, you will be regarded as not having been 'effectively enrolled' and will need to reapply as a new applicant for admission.

It is strongly recommended that you talk to your academic adviser for more information.

International Students

If you do need to take a break from studies for one session or more please follow the withdrawal steps below:

  1. Withdraw from all units via eStudent
  2. Go to ASK.MQ
  3. Log in with your OneID password
  4. Submit International Student -Withdrawal and Release Request

Suspending study - If you experience a situation which can be categorised as 'compassionate' or 'compelling' then a suspension from studies may be granted for one study session. When you submit your request to suspend your studies for these reasons you will need to provide evidence that your circumstances are compassionate or compelling, and they should indicate that such circumstances were beyond your control and had an impact on your course progress or wellbeing.

The following are examples which may be considered as compelling or compassionate and must be supported with relevant documentation:

  • Serious illness or injury (a medical certificate stating that you are unable to attend classes for a substantial amount of time must be provided).
  • Bereavement of close family members such as parents or grandparents (supporting documentation must be provided).
  • Major political upheaval or natural disaster in home country requiring emergency travel and this has impacted on your studies.
  • A traumatic experience - for example involvement in or witnessing a serious crime or accident which has impacted you (documentary evidence such as a police report for the event must be provided).
  • No units available for you to study for one session (letter from academic department must be provided).

To suspend your studies please complete the Request Suspend Studies online at Ask MQ and attach the required documents.

To resume study, if you have been absent from study with Macquarie for less than 12 months and want to return to your previous course, you can re-enrol via eStudent. If your absence has been for more than 12 months, you need to apply for readmission

If you have further questions (for example about implications for your visa) before you make your decision, you may wish to make appointment with Student Advocacy and Support Adviser at Campus Wellbeing.

If you are planning to study at another education provider and have been at Macquarie for less than 6 months, please refer to the remain with Macquarie University section.

Further questions can be submitted online.