What sort of help can I get at the Info Desk?


What sort of help can I get at the Info Desk?


All students can visit the Library Info Desk several times each session to talk to a Learning Adviser about assignments, academic writing or study skills. It’s helpful to bring your assignment questions, unit guides and/or marked assignments with you. No bookings are required.

Info desk hours: Monday–Friday 12 pm to 2 pm (Week 3 to Week 13 and during mid-session break)

Learning advisers can assist you with your assignments, or with general academic skill questions. You can bring along your assignment and ask for help on: 

  • what is expected of you (how to analyse the assignment question)

  • how to structure your assignment

  • how to cite and reference your sources 

  • whether your writing is clear and coherent

Learning advisers do not:

  • provide proofreading, editing or reviewing services of any kind

  • give students answers to their assignments or ‘fix up’ their assignments

  • explain subject content to students

  • help students with IELTS preparation. The IELTS Test Centre and the English Language Centre (MUELC) offer test preparation services, courses and resources to support students in test preparation

  • teach English. The English Language Centre offers English language courses for international students.

You can also contact us through our online form Ask a Learning Adviser for email advice.