I am a domestic student, am I eligible for a transport concession?


I am a domestic student, am I eligible for a transport concession?


If you're a full time domestic student you may be eligible for transport concession via the Transport for NSW Opal Card.  You can check your eligibility on the Transport for NSW webpage. If you are unsure if you are considered a full-time student please refer to the eligibility information above or contact Student Connect to check.

Continuing students need to submit a declaration each calendar year for their concession Opal card to remain active.  The declaration fo the year will be available from early January.

How to get your concession Opal card:

Step 1

Log in to ask.mq.edu.au and fill out a declaration accepting the terms and conditions of the Concession Opal Card and allowing MQ to share your eligibility with Transport for NSW.

  • Wait 24-48 Hours for the Transport for NSW Opal system to receive your declaration and update your eligibility.


Step 2

 Visit opal.com.au

  • Or call 13 67 25 (13 OPAL)


Students should ensure they have their enrolment information handy when applying. Within 5-7 days the Concession Opal card will arrive in the post. Students will need to activate their new card before using it to travel.

NB Transport concession is valid until 31 March in the year after it is issued.


Student Connect:

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+61 2 98506410