What are the different types of units?


What are the different types of units?


Pace Units: The majority of students are required to complete one PACE unit within their degree. PACE units provide you with an opportunity to apply your academic studies to real life situations providing you with practical experience. A PACE unit may already be included as part of your major/degree on your handbook page. This unit will be indicated with a “P” beside it.


You can find more information about PACE units on the PACE webpage and a full list of PACE units here.


Electives: Most degrees require you to complete a certain number of electives in order to complete the minimum total amount of credit points needed to graduate (as listed on your degree handbook page). This gives you flexibility in selecting which units to study. You can enrol in any unit within the university, as long as they meet the unit's prerequisites as listed in the University Handbook.


People and Planet units: All undergraduate students are required to complete one People and one Planet unit throughout their degree. These units are designed to broaden your understanding of the world outside of your primary discipline. People units develop social and cultural literacy, whilst Planet units develop scientific literacy.



For People and Planet unit requirements, please click here