What type of accommodation is available for me while I am studying at Macquarie University?


What type of accommodation is available for me while I am studying at Macquarie University?


The type of lifestyle you seek will determine the type of housing you choose.
 Do you want to live near the campus? Do you want to commute to the University and be near the beach? Do you want to live in the city and be close to the nightlife?

Dayman Apartments:
The only room type in this accommodation option with ensuite bathrooms are in our range of Studio rooms. In this option you will have your own bedroom with separate bathroom and kitchenette. 
Please see the website below for more information:

Iglu - Chatswood:
This very modern and newly built apartment complex is the highest quality accommodation in the area. Whether you are in your own studio or in a shared apartment, you will have your own room and bathroom in each. 
Please see the website below for more information:

Residential Colleges:
Dunmore Lang and Robert Menzies are the two residential colleges on campus which have the option for ensuite single rooms in dormitory buildings. These colleges have a much more social atmosphere with a large number of inclusions in the rental fees including have all meals are provided. Please see the websites below for each of these colleges:

Macquarie University Village:
The most common room type in the Village is their single-ensuite bedrooms within 5-bedroom shared houses, with all housemates sharing the kitchen and common areas. While they are often fully booked, they also have 2-bedroom apartments and 1-bedroom apartments, rooms in each having their own bathroom. 
Please see the website below for more information:

Morling Residential College:
This building opened 2016 and offers both studios similar to Dayman Apartments and Iglu, as well as Twin/share and "Dual-key" rooms both with ensuites.

If you would like any more specific information on any of these locations described, of if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You are also welcome to contact us through our email address below: