What do I need to do if I receive an SMS regarding SSAF?


What do I need to do if I receive an SMS regarding SSAF?


You will receive a reminder SMS regarding your Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF) if you have not paid your SSAF up front, or successfully completed a SA-HELP commonwealth assistance form by the relevant session census date in order to defer the fees to a loan with the ATO (if eligible).


If the census date for this session has passed, in order to settle any debt you must pay the amount upfront to the University. Your eStudent account will also be sanctioned for any student who has not paid their full fees by the payment due date each session.


Paying upfront will remove the sanction from your account 2 days after payment has been made.


To find out if you owe SSAF – please log into eStudent and select >  My Finances menu followed by > Outstanding Debt menu on the left hand side of the page.


If you wish to pay using ePAY, select > View/Pay Other Fees eg Student Amenities, Library Fines, Late Fees link.


Alternatively, for a list of other payment methods please refer to the student fees page.


Can I defer this debt?


If you are an Australian citizen or Humanitarian visa holder you may like to complete a SA-HELP electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) now to defer this fee for future sessions of study. To complete this form:


1.    Log onto eStudent


2.    Select  >  ‘My Finances’ tab


3.    Click  >  ‘Submit new Commonwealth Assistance Form’ link


4.    Choose the course you are currently “Admitted” into.


5.    Select >  “Enter Form” for SA-HELP and complete


6.    Once submitted, the next screen should be a confirmation one. If the form status says 'Approved' automatically, you have completed the form correctly. If not, please attempt to complete the form once again


If you are an eligible New Zealand citizen and would like the option to defer this fee for future sessions, please lodge an email enquiry at ask.mq.edu.au requesting the paper copy of the SA-HELP form. Please note: you will not be able to submit the form online for 2016.




Please note the SA-HELP form you completed will last for your entire course. You will not need to lodge a new one unless:


1.    you change courses


2.    you take 2 or more consecutive sessions off.


More information regarding what the SSAF is available online.