How can I create a good Powerpoint presentation?


How can I create a good Powerpoint presentation?


There are a few general rules to help you create a good powerpoint presentation:

    •    Don’t use too much text. Any text on a slide should be short, concise and meaningful - in other words, it should provide information. 

    •    Don’t just read the text off the Powerpoint slides. The audience can read it for themselves. Each slide should give one simple main message and your presentation can then expand on it.

    •    Use charts or graphs but keep them clean and simple. Don’t try to fit too much information on them. Instead, make the information clear by presenting it in a visually appealing and easy to understand manner.

    •    Any pictures should be linked to what you’re talking about and should complement any text on the slide, not distract attention away from it.

    •    Try to keep the same theme flowing throughout the slides. Theme includes colour, font type and size and backgrounds. If you do change the theme, there should be a specific reason for doing so.

    •    Print out the slides (using the six slides per page option) and either make them into palm cards or put them on the lectern in front of you.

    •    When speaking, use your printed slides to be aware of which slide comes after the one currently on the screen to maintain the flow of your presentation.


There is more information about oral presentations, including creating effective visuals and slides, on StudyWISE. StudyWISE is available through your iLearn account under Student Support, or you can self-enrol.