Where can I get help with my English?


Where can I get help with my English?


There is no service at Macquarie University that will check your grammar or proofread your assignments prior to handing them in. However, the Learning Skills team offers:

    •    workshops covering issues such as common grammatical errors, writing clearer sentences, and making your writing more academic

    •    the StudyWISE online resource, including a module focusing on English grammar, punctuation and vocabulary

    •    the Info Desk in the library, where Learning Advisers can discuss your assignment and give you some feedback on your grammar (by reviewing one or two paragraphs), structure, referencing and other issues 


There are also credit-bearing units which students can enrol into to develop their academic reading, writing and critical thinking skills, including Academic Communication in Business and Economics, Academic Communication in Science and Academic Communication in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

The Faculty of Business and Economics runs Conversation Groups which are open to all students. In these weekly groups you can practice your speaking skills and meet new people.