Update contact address? Mailing address. Contact details.


Update contact address? Mailing address. Contact details.


You must let Macquarie University know your residential address within 7 days of arriving in Australia if you were outside Australia when your visa was granted.

If your residential address changes you must let the University know within 7 days of the change.

You must also let Macquarie University know if you have changed your education provider within 7 days of receiving:

  • a confirmation of enrolment from your new education provider, or
  • evidence you have been enrolled by the new education provider

The Department of Home Affairs will contact you through the University. If you don’t update your contact details we won’t be able to contact you. See the regulation

Macquarie University officially contacts students via their Macquarie Student Email address. It is recommended that you regularly check your student email for important updates and information.


How to Update the Address

Currently enrolled students can change their address on eStudent. Once you have logged in, click on 'My details' and then click on 'Contact details'.