How do I transfer from OUA to a place on campus?


How do I transfer from OUA to a place on campus?


In order to use OUA as a pathway to a Macquarie degree, you must first begin by successfully completing  Macquarie OUA units. You are guaranteed a place in the on-campus Macquarie BA degree and Bachelor of Security Studies if you have passed 4 units; or if you have got a credit average after completing 2 units.

For Bachelor of  Psychology, you need to have successfully completed 4 Macquarie OUA units, including PSYX1104 and PSYX1105; or have completed PSYX104 and PSYX105 with a WAM of 65 or above.


However, transfer is not automatic, and you must apply via the UAC admissions process Once you take up your on-campus place, your  four Macquarie OUA units will be credited to your Macquarie degree program.

After completing a subsequent session on campus, you can then apply for an internal transfer to another degree program if you wish.  Places are not guaranteed and you will need to satisfy certain requirements, including a sufficient GPA. These requirements can be viewed on the Course Transfer webpage.