What are the levels of academic standing?


What are the levels of academic standing?


  1. ‘Satisfactory’ - a student who is on ‘Satisfactory’ standing is one who continues to pass 51% or more of their attempted load in any study period.
  2. ‘Academic Caution’ – a student on ‘Academic Caution’ is provided with information regarding the various support services on offer to help them get back on track, and are encouraged to engage with these in order to succeed in their studies.
  3. ‘Conditional enrolment’– a student on ‘Conditional Enrolment’ is considered to be ‘at risk’ of not completing their course, and is required to seek support to help them get back on track
  4. ‘Suspension’ – a student with an academic standing of ‘Suspension’ is not allowed to enrol at the University for two consecutive study periods.
    Following Suspension, you have the automatic right of re-entry to the current version of your course and will be placed on ‘Probation’, in order for your progress to be monitored and supported.
  5. ‘Probation’ – a student is placed on ‘Probation’ upon their return from ‘Suspension’, typically for one study period.
  6. ‘Exclusion' – a student with an Academic Standing status of ‘Exclusion’ may not enrol at the University for 2 years.
    You will need to formally re-apply for admission if you wish to complete your studies.

To find out more about each level of academic standing and how they may affect you, please visit the Academic Progression website.

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