How do I find out about my academic standing?


How do I find out about my academic standing?


Academic Standing is calculated once results are available at the end of Session 1 and 2, and is finalised by the Census Date of the next study period in calculation. Your academic standing will be communicated to you via email on your Result Notification.

If you are on a status of Suspension or Exclusion, you will also receive a hard-copy of your Academic Standing Notification sent to your listed postal address.

If you wish to view your academic standing at any time it will be displayed in eStudent on your unofficial academic transcript available from the My Results tab. If you have any difficulties viewing your Results and Academic Standing please check that you don’t have any outstanding debt on your student account, including tuition fees or library fines. You can check eStudent to see whether you have an outstanding debt that is preventing you viewing your results.

To find out more about academic standing and how this may affect you, please visit the Academic Progression website.

If you have any further questions please submit an enquiry via  AskMQ.