Where can I get someone to proofread my assignment?


Where can I get someone to proofread my assignment?


Macquarie University does not provide any proofreading services. Instead, we encourage you to learn techniques to proofread your own assignments. You can find resources on StudyWISE that can help you to do this, including grammar resources. 

Also, you can get help with your assignment in several ways, including detailed feedback on one or two paragraphs of your paper. This may help you to identify the types of errors you are making. Find out how at Getting Help with Your Assignment. 


Here are some ideas to help you proofread your own paper:

  • take a break after finishing your assignment and beginning your proofreading
  • use a grammar and spelling checker - Microsoft Word includes one, or you can check out resources such as Grammarly
  • proofread at least once from a printed copy - research shows that we pick up more errors in print than on screen 
  • read your paper out loud -you are also more likely to pick up on your errors using this method.