How do I withdraw from a unit in eStudent?


How do I withdraw from a unit in eStudent?


You can withdraw from a unit via eStudent.  There are no penalties for withdrawing from a unit before the census date; however, you may incur academic and/or financial penalties if you withdraw after the census date.  Important information related to withdrawing from a unit after the census date due to unavoidable disruption can be found here.  


Follow these steps to withdraw from a unit in eStudent:

1. Click on the 'My Enrolment' tab

2. On the left-hand side menu, click on 'Withdraw from Units'

3. Select the unit (or units) you want to withdraw from

4. Confirm that you wish to withdraw

5. A green tick should appear to confirm that you have successfully withdrawn from the unit (or units).


Click here for a detailed video tutorial on how to withdraw from a unit in eStudent. 


Please Note:  Open Universities Australia students must withdraw from units via OUA

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