How can additional space be added to my study plan?


How can additional space be added to my study plan?


You will need to submit an online enquiry with the name of the unit and request that it be added to your plan as an elective unit.

If Extra Space Not Granted:

According to the Higher Education Support Act (HESA) legislation, the unit of study must contribute to the requirements of a course of study in which the person is enrolled with the provider or another provider.  
Extra space can be added if:  
  • The unit(s) you wish to enrol in is required for the completion of your degree, and is a requirement for your degree - you will then need to provide a written statement from academic staff to support your request explaining that you require additional space for units for completion.
  • Or; the unit(s) is/are required in order for you to course transfer, and stipulated in the Course Transfer requirement table
If you still believe you meet these criteria to have extra space added to your plan, contact the faculty via AskMQ with your further information.  
Alternatively, you can study units through Non-Award study