How can the counselling service help me?


How can the counselling service help me?


There is no list of acceptable issues to bring to counselling sessions. Students come to counselling for a wide variety of reasons and at different stages of experiencing difficulties. You may not even be sure why you are coming.

Most personal, emotional, relationship or identity problems can be helped through attendance at counselling - this includes anxiety, stress and depression; family and/or relationship difficulties, sexual problems and identity issues. The Counselling Service can also help with other issues such as: adjusting to a new culture, dealing with dilemmas, grief, making difficult decisions or choices, as well as more specific problems such as eating problems, dealing with a chronic illness, responses to trauma, or addictions.

The Counselling Service recommends that you contact them sooner rather than later if you are in need of help.

Contact the Counselling Service:

    •    by phone to (02) 9850 7497
    •    by completing the Counselling Self Referral Form
    •    in person at the service reception desk at Ground Floor, Australian Hearing Hub, 16 University Avenue. View the Macquarie University campus map to check the location.