I want to withdraw from a unit without penalty


I want to withdraw from a unit without penalty


You must withdraw via eStudent before the official census date for each session to not receive academic and/or financial penalties. If you withdraw from a unit after Census Date but before the last day to withdraw without academic penalty, you will remain financially liable however will not receive Academic Penalty. It is crucial that you check the Important Dates website before withdrawing from your units to ensure that you are aware of the consequences of withdrawing at different times within the study period you are enrolled into.

If you have been impacted by a serious and unavoidable disruption after the Census Date, you may be eligible to apply to withdraw without academic and/or financial penalty. To apply for withdrawal without penalty, you must satisfy the definition of serious and unavoidable disruption. You will need to provide independent supporting documentation with your online application.

Please note:  This information is relevant to Macquarie University students studying undergraduate and postgraduate (coursework) degrees, Open Universities Australia (OUA) students, Non-Award or Next Step students and Macquarie University International College (MUIC) students.

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