I'm having difficulty enrolling, what can I do?


I'm having difficulty enrolling, what can I do?


First up, check:

  1. Have you accepted the Terms and Conditions? Note: even if you have accepted them when you last enrolled, they may have been updated since.
  2. Have you accepted the offer for the course you want to enrol in?
  3. Are you trying to enrol in units in the right course? Particularly important if you have multiple offers.
  4. Have you checked your Course Handbook to see if you have met the pre-requisites; is it offered in the study period you wish to enrol into; does it meet your course requirements?
  5. If you are an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident, have you completed your eCAF?

If you have done all of these, please fill out our Enrolment Issues Support form and we'll assist you with the process.