How many years do degrees take to complete?


How many years do degrees take to complete?


This question has a variety of answers, hopefully the below is of some help.

  • Most single degrees are 3 years full time on a 2 sessions per year and 4 units per session basis.
  • You can take longer to finish your degree if you decide to take fewer subjects per session OR
  • You could finish your degree in less time if some of your units are run in Session 3 or Winter Vacation and you take advantage of this option.

There are also a few exceptions:

a) If you decide on a combined degree with Law (eg. Law/Science) it will take approximately 5 yrs.

b) If you decide on a double degree it will usually take 4 years

**  The above estimates are based on a student passing all units each session.

Some degrees have additional criteria and therefore a longer time is required for you to gain professional accreditation in the area.